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Art Classes at Art Mundo in Fort Pierce, Florida

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Mixed Media
Making Sense of the Messy and Muddled

with Susan Garman

Times To be determined




Class Description: Mixed media arts combine numerous techniques, styles, and media to create masterpieces on a variety of substrates, (canvas, wood, fabric, paper, etc). In this series of classes we will explore a different technique each week and students will leave with at least one completed project and the skills to create more messy and muddled magic outside the classroom. Not for the neat freak or the perfectionist. We will get messy and mistakes do not exist. Any “oops” are only opportunities for developing style. This class is designed for the novice to the advance. All students will learn techniques while developing skill and style. Come to one class or come to all. This is not a progressive series. Supplies will differ week toweek, however each student will need the same basic tool kit for every class:

All classes require preregistration. Please see below for individual class descriptions.

About the instructor: Susan Garman lives in Ft Pierce and has a studio at the One Eleven Orange building in Historic downtown. Her quirky, some might say snarky, sense of humor, makes her classes fun and freeing. She has an, “it is what it is” philosophy that makes every project fresh where each creation deviates from the norm. If you shy from trying new techniques or products for fear of making a mistake, Susan is your instructor. She’s probably tried it and if she’s failed, she’s figured out how to make it work. Messy is what makes it fun and imperfection makes it unique. Of course if you are a neat freak she respects that too. For more info or questions about her classes contact her at


  • Scissors (small pair for detail cutting and standard size for all other cutting – These do not need to be your mother’s sewing scissors. Inexpensive pairs will do just fine at this stage).
  • Heat gun or a blow drier
  • Cotton rags, (bring a few – a cut up t-shirt works just fine)
  • Baby wipes – these are as much for cleaning your hands as for altering an art piece
  • ¾” to 1” acrylic flat brush


Basic Art & Drawing

with “Shelly” Michele Marshall Polvere

Date and Times To Be Determined

Contact Art Mundo at 772-466-1010 or for more information


Cost: $25.00

10% Discount for Art Mundo Members!


Class Description: Basic Art & Design Monday’s from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm This four week drawing course is designed for beginners who want to learn basic drawing skills and techniques using pencils and pens or the intermediate artists who desire to improve their skill and technique. Students will learn to use contour and gesture, shading, and perspective all in a relaxed, fun, and informative environment. Classes will include instruction and demonstration of various design elements including composition, texture, repetition, color schemes, and the use of positive and negative space creatively. Each class will have a different project that will be completed in one evening to give students a finished work of art to bring home. Preregistration is required and space is limited. Please register using the link to the right or contact Art Mundo at 772-466-1010.

About the Instructor: Shelly has been drawing and painting since age 5. She majored in art in high school and in college. A Fine Arts graduate of IRSC, Shelly has also had training in fashion design, block-printing, collage, and graphic arts. She was an illustrator for the Fort Pierce Tribune. Shelly has won many awards for her work over the years, including several from the Backus Museum. Since becoming an empty-nester, she has devoted herself full time to Art Mundo, and is eager to share her knowledge with all.

Materials List

  • 9 x 12 acid-free drawing pad
  • Assorted drawing pencils
  • White erasers
  • Blending stumps (tortillions)
  • At least one drawing pen (a fine point Sharpie will work okay)

A limited number of kits will be available for purchase for a cost of $6 each to be paid to the instructor.




Fun with Whimsy - Acrylic Painting & Lettering for Adults and Children 12 and up

With Mimi Tuschinski

Saturdays 10 – noon
July 11, July 18

Cost: $25 per class



10% Discount for Art Mundo Members!Use this drop down menu to choose your payment amount


10% Discount for Art Mundo Members!Use this drop down menu to choose your payment amount


Class Description: For adults and children 12 years and up. Learn to paint and letter on canvas with fun and freedom using permanent markers and acrylics! Mimi will teach you her original design style that includes her whimsical lettering. Participants will create a new canvas each week and build upon skills in both painting and lettering. Class is limited to 8 students

About the Instructor: Mimi Tuschinski lives in Pt St Lucie where she draws, paints, and sketches. She also has a love of singing and this passion is evident throughout her body of art. Her whimsical style has culminated following years of work with Columbia Pictures Publications, teaching art, and as a freelancer. Mimi is a graduate of The Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale



Materials List

  • 1 stretched art canvas- your size choice no larger than 11x16
  • 1 brush - 1/2" flat
  • up to 5 acrylic paints, your choice of colors- choose colors you love!!! Look for convenience and low cost. Student grade acrylics in tubes are just fine.
  • 2 Black Sharpie markers (standard size)
  • A favorite quote or poem or word that is special to you
  • Apron (optional)

Although these are a few options for ideas, all of your paintings will reflect your personality!




Painted Floorcloths

with Bonnie Phelan

Four Saturdays beginning July 11 from 10:30 - 1:30

Cost: $125 for 4 classes

$125 for 4 classes

10% Discount for Art Mundo Members!
Use this drop down menu to choose your payment amount:


Class Description: Struggling for the perfect floor covering for your entryway? Need just the right colors to match that new bedroom décor? Want to create a special gift for a new mom that coordinates with her nursery theme? Ever thought of making a floorcloth?

Floorcloths date back hundreds of years but a recent resurgence in floor design has given them a renewed interest. This class will give you the freedom to create your own 2 x 3 foot floorcloth using colors and designs of your choosing. Bonnie preps your canvas in advance so you are free to begin working on your design your very first class. This 4 week workshop will take you through the creation of your piece from prepared canvas to fully painted floorcloth.

For more information please contact the instructor, Bonnie Phelan at or Art Mundo 772-466-1010

About the Instructor: Phelan first learned about floorcloths and their origin from her Art Instructor in Tuxedo Park, NY, Mary Bullard, a locally well-known portrait artist in her own right. Her interest was spiked, but it was not until she came to Florida that she decided to really delve into this type of historical art form. Phelan has started to work with some local decorators who have commissioned her to create floor-cloths to coordinate with their décor. She has earned a good reputation in working with clients and or their decorators to determine the “perfect” design and colors to complement their furnishings. She has proven her versatility in being able to design for the client or coordinate with the decorator. One thing that Bonnie will tell you, “I love what I do!” — and it shows.


$50 supply fee to be paid to instructor:

Includes everything needed to create you own floorcloth. Please bring something that inspires your design such as a photo, paint chips, or fabric swatch


**Sign up with a friend and receive a second bare floorcloth canvas as a thank you. Just enter a quantity of "2" when you check out with PayPal.



"Oil Painting - Beginners Welcome!!"
with Georgina Love

Students are not beginners forever and ongoing classes teach new skills to continuing students.

1 - 4 p.m.

$25 per class

10% Discount for Art Mundo Members!
Use this drop down menu to choose your payment amount:


Class Description: For beginners, this is an introduction for students who would like to learn oil paints. More advanced painters are welcome as well, as many artists struggle to learn how to bring their paintings to completion. There is very basic art instruction; perspective, shading, etc., and then how to use your paint to achieve your goal. Use of mediums, kinds of brushes, different ways to execute a painting. Emphasis on accuracy, learning to observe, gaining confidence in your skills so you can go your own way. For artists who have experience and would like to enhance their knowledge, you may bring paintings you are working on or projects you'd like to start. Having trouble with certain techniques? Want to learn more about finishing a painting? Bring it in! Classes are ongoing, so you may attend as long as you like. It is important that ALL students contact me before attending the class.

About the Instructor:
: I was lucky to find a wonderful instructor over fifteen years ago who shared his knowledge of academic painting. Since then, I have been perfecting my technique - after all those years there is always something new to learn. I love realism and that is my speciality, but I still like to go from one end of the spectrum to the other with it. Thus, my work ranges from super-detailed trompe l'oeil to more loose and colorful paintings; all the while exploring what paint can do and honing my skills. I enjoy painting just about anything, from animals to still life; each subject has its own set of challenges and I learn from them all. My work has been exhibited in local and national galleries and collected in the US and overseas. Contact George at 772 460 0894 or for any questions regarding this class. Preregistration required: Call 772-466-1010.

Materials List

First time students


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